12 Ideas For Writing An Essay About Health Care In Egypt

Writing an essay on the healthcare system and scenario of any country requires deep research on the internet. In addition to that, one has to study journals and stay updated about the facts and figures that define the health care system of a particular country or region. If you have been asked to write a college essay on healthcare system in Egypt, you might wonder where to start and in which direction to move forward. Here are twelve ideas that you might choose from for writing a high-scoring paper.

  1. How doctors determine the need for caesarean section in healthcare centres of Egypt? (Findings from health survey)
  2. A complete analysis of current state of medical waste management in Egypt
  3. Frequently transient Hepatitis-C without sero-conversion in Egyptian healthcare workers
  4. General perception and approach of Egyptian frontline healthcare workers toward patient health and safety
  5. Development and amendments of healthcare practice guidelines for hemo-dialysis in different regions of Egypt
  6. Healthcare aspects and challenges in the aftermath of the devastating 1992 Egypt earthquake
  7. Are Egyptian patients and medical service providers content with the recent healthcare sector reform in Egypt?
  8. Knowledge and wide use of traditional therapeutic plants in Eastern Egypt (the desert area)
  9. Good and bad effects of the newly implemented healthcare worker incentive scheme on the basis of quality reproductive and postnatal care in Egypt
  10. Impact and use of contraception in northern Egypt
  11. Case study for identifying risk factors and preventives for hepatitis C infection in deserts of Egypt
  12. Measurement, evaluation and improvement of hospital service quality standards – the case of Egypt
  13. E-learning facilities for healthcare service providers for preventing HIV infection in Egypt

It goes without saying that all the twelve topics mentioned above are very much relevant in the context of present day healthcare scenario in Egypt and you may score high in your college exams if you choose any of the topics above for your college dissertation. However, you need to keep in mind that all of the topics suggested here require vast research and you should be mentally prepared for doing the necessary research. Some of topics also require visits to the Egypt healthcare centres and government offices. If travelling is not an option for you, you should choose a more generic topic from the list and do your own research.

In case you are looking for more topic suggestions for writing on healthcare in Egypt, you may go online and find more topics.