How To Write A 5 Paragraph Response To Literature Essay: Free Advice From An Expert

Writing a 5 paragraph literature essay includes understanding your subject matter well. The process includes having a main idea that is focus of the paper. Your body paragraphs detail supporting evidence to give reason for why they support your main idea. Your conclusion summarizes details of the paper while restating your main idea or main point. It helps to review samples you can use as a study model to understand how to structure and organize ideas. For more details on how to develop content of this nature you can use this service. Here are basic points to help you write your essay.

  • Be open to sharing an opinion others may not agree with. When writing about something others have also read, it can be a little challenging to write since you may not have the same opinion. At this point it is okay to have a different opinion and this aspect with make your paper standout. Have clear evidence and supporting points to back your claim.

  • Make sure you are answering the question asked about the story. If you are presented with questions related to your story answer them with clear details. This means pay attention to what the question is asking you. Share your insight or view and if necessary, use parts of the story to back up your claim. When you complete your paper go back over the question and make sure it has been answered.

  • Try to avoid actually retelling the whole story. You can take parts or bits of the story and rewrite it in your own words to help prove your point. The idea is to take pieces of the story to help tell what you have learned or what you took from it, not to use the assignment to retell the entire story.

  • Be sure to structure quotes properly if you are mentioned something a character said. Indent each quote and start it from a new line. When quoting a character, be sure you do this correctly. When you find sample literature papers you may find that others used something a character said or a significant piece of information from the story to help make their point.

  • Your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion should be cohesive and solid. You can write a rough draft and take time to revise and clean up content to ensure it reads clearly.