Useful Words For Writing An Opinion Essay On Politics

This short article gives you a few useful words you need to take into account when preparing an opinion essay on politics. It takes into account what is meant by ‘opinion’, compares it to how editorial news pages and letters columns are structured and reminds students how the article-styled paper should be set. Because this is essentially an academic paper, students also need to be reminded to adhere to the academic conventions required for preparing and writing on their dissertation topics.

  • Discard subjectivity
  • Because the opinion essay on politics, in this case, is an academic assignment, it should be indicative of a body of work that is well-researched, factually correct and not subjectively written. When writing such a paper, bear in mind that you are still required to give your analysis on a specified or chosen theme within the genre of political writing. Also, when you are writing subjectively, you are relying heavily on your personal views and emotions of a particular political event, group or personality.

  • Check your facts
  • By writing objectively, on the other hand, you are correctly responding to laid-down academic conventions and thesis requirements within the faculty that deals with politics. The objective opinion is also informed by how well the subject has been researched. Where necessary, sources or theoretical analyses are paraphrased and/or inserted into the body of the essay. Importantly, all references must be listed at the end of the paper, even when they have not been included in the final document. After the document has been completed, remember one of the most important editorial tasks in relation to this subject: Fact-checking.

  • Stick to printed resources
  • The opinionated document can be modeled on the articles usually included on the editorial content pages of the country’s best-known and leading newspapers. But, be warned; when researching your work, use printed resources. The online alternatives are heavily abbreviated and content structure – short sentences and paragraphs – are not conducive of a well thought out analogy of a particular scenario or event. Ideally, students should be emphasizing most of or all their research work on resources claimed from municipal or academic libraries.

    The article has highlighted the words (and its meanings) that need to be taken into account when producing an opinion styled dissertation document on politics, namely, giving an opinion, stating the facts and writing objectively.

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