Essay Topics On Electricity: 22 Interesting Examples

There are so many topics that you can present on electricity that you can write for your essay. You need to realize that when you choose a good essay topic, you have a better chance of scoring even more marks for the task than you would ever imagine.

The following are a number of ideas that can help you make a good case for your paper the next time you are given such a task to do:

  1. Discuss how lightweight electricity can help improve the appliances of the future
  2. Provide an elaborate timeline of the history of electricity
  3. Discuss what electricity is and how important it is
  4. Discuss some sources of electricity that you know about
  5. Explain the challenges facing different countries that have seen an increase in demand for electricity such as Oman
  6. Explain the concept of electricity through the Ampere Watt theory
  7. Discuss how the brain uses electricity, with an emphasis on the Siamese syndrome
  8. Cite how bringing electricity to the masses has made life better
  9. Discuss some of the challenges that are involved in bringing electricity to the masses
  10. What are some of the advantages of wireless electricity?
  11. Explain the challenges that are involve in the spread and propagation of wireless electricity as a concept
  12. Discuss the need for efficiency in the disbursement of electricity
  13. Is it possible to generate electricity from fruits? Discuss
  14. Explain some of the most reliable fuel sources, and how they help in the production of electricity
  15. What are some of the ethical issues that are associated with the production of electricity?
  16. Explain how important solar cell electricity is
  17. Describe in the simplest terms possible, the concept of electrical grids, and how important they are to the community
  18. Discuss some of the concerns that are arising out of the use of nuclear power for producing electricity
  19. Show the correlation between electricity derivatives and the power markets
  20. Taking an example of Tanzania, discuss the concept of the privatization of electricity, citing the possible pitfalls, the benefits and any other important points that you might find relevant to address
  21. Discuss how benchmarking is done in the electricity industry, with an emphasis on financial performance