20 Topic Ideas For An Expository Essay About Summer Holidays

In an expository essay, you should inform your reader of the topic and back up your arguments with relevant facts and examples. You should be unbiased and objective and you shouldn’t present your personal opinions in this piece of writing. If you are assigned to compose an expository paper about the summer holidays, remember to consider these points and pick a topic that meets all the criteria of expository writing.

How to Pick a Topic for an Expository Essay

It isn’t difficult to come up with a great topic idea if you know what type of expository writing you are going to produce. The main types of exposition include:

  • Cause and effect papers.
  • Analyze how a certain action causes an effect. There may be several causes of a specific issue or vice versa, there may be several effects initiated by a single cause. For example, you may analyze how the summer holidays are affected by the need to do homework.

  • Descriptive papers.
  • This is where you should paint a picture in your reader’s mind. Describe a particular summer vacation or share your ideas about how a perfect vacation should look like.

  • Process papers.
  • This type of exposition explains how to accomplish a task by taking specific steps. Lots of great topic ideas about the summer holidays can be created in this field.

  • Comparative papers.
  • Take two particular aspects of the summer holidays or two subjects related to summertime and analyze how similar and/or different they are.

Essay Topics about the Summer Holidays

  1. History of the summer holidays.
  2. The best summer vacation you’ve ever had.
  3. Summer holidays in different countries.
  4. Summer camps: types and characteristics.
  5. Great ways to make your summer vacation unforgettable.
  6. Effective methods of surviving hot summer days.
  7. Having fun at the beach: interesting ideas and engaging games.
  8. Surviving summer heat waves: helpful tips and unknown tricks.
  9. Dealing with homework during summer vacation: effective methods.
  10. Eating ice-cream on hot days without getting a drop of it on you: helpful ideas.
  11. Great ways to make extra money during the summer holidays.
  12. Films about the summer holidays.
  13. Surviving hot summer nights: effective methods.
  14. Summertime for children versus summertime for adults.
  15. A summer to work versus a summer to have fun.
  16. Summertime for teachers versus summertime for students.
  17. Advantages and disadvantages of working at a summer camp.
  18. Positive and negative aspects of the summer holidays.
  19. Different types of outdoor activities for the summer months.
  20. Your dream summer vacation.