How To Write A Synthesis Essay Free Of Mistakes: 7 Factors To Consider

To write a synthesis essay without mistakes one has to first understand what it requires to complete such a project. It first requires reading and digesting the information necessary to write and then present in it in an organized fashion. Schools and colleges try to build in the skill to write these types of writings in students and it goes a long way in helping them when they enter the professional world especially related to advertising.

There are seven factors which you must consider while writing a synthesis essay free from mistakes:

  1. The first step is to choose a topic and it should be such that you can have ample sources at hand to collect information. However it should not be too broad that it fails to attract focus. For example if you intend to write on Social Media then you can choose a topic like- How our virtual life is gradually driving us away from real life relations. If you have the liberty to choose your topic, then some reading will help you. Please make sure that the topic you choose allows you to pick at least three sources for writing.

  2. The next thing to keep in mind is writing the thesis statement on which your entire writing will be focused. This can also be the first line of your writing or even the last line of the first paragraph.

  3. You must use your sources to collect statistics, quotes, facts and ideas and for all this reading the source several times will help.

  4. Prepare the outline so that you know what to put down exactly in which part of the writing. The first line should be attractive enough to arouse interest in the reader. In the first paragraph the issue to be discussed in the writing must be made clear.

  5. The body must include several paragraphs which should bear the opinion you have about the subject, cite suitable examples, logic and reasons to support your idea and views, and also a little bit about the sources you have used and their significance. You can conclude by justifying what you had tried to prove in the preceding paragraphs with a insightful ending of the entire piece.

  6. You can quote directly from your source as this provides weight to your argument. Adopt methods such comparison and contrast or straw man method where to bring forward an opposing point and then prove it wrong with proper reason.

  7. Finally, do not forget to review and proofread your writing to eliminate superfluous words and expressions and correct spelling mistakes and punctuation.