Helpful Hints For Composing An Expository Essay On Odyssey

Expository essay gives appropriate explanation - as the topic requires. You will read the words “define” or “explain” in the topic of the expository paper. It usually consists of five paragraphs: introduction, two body paragraphs and a conclusion. In this type of writing, it is important to address the question in full.

You have an expository essay to write, but you have no idea what to write for. Well, here are several tips that you will certainly find useful.

  1. Odyssey as an allegory for the journey of life is a topic that suits for expository paper. This topic requires description of Odysseus’s adventures that can be interpreted as allegory for the journey of life. What can you learn from Odyssey on his way back home? Use your own organizer, a discussion about the topic and journal articles as a source. Write quotes directly from the poem and write analysis of every quote.

  2. Explain how Greek way of life regarding balance to live fulfilled life is illustrated in The Odyssey. Think of two examples where this concept is illustrated in the poem and make analysis about what how this reflects the view of life they have in general.

  3. There are three main parts in The Hero’s Journey: the Separation, the Initiation and the Return. In a topic that requires elaboration of these parts, as they are related to The Odyssey make a chart with the course of Odyssey’s way from Ithaca and connect it to The Hero’s Journey. Talk about his transformation, his challenges, temptations, his phases of change into a hero.

  4. Explain how Odysseus strategically overcomes the many obstacles on his way. This topic requires you to mention that Odysseus is intelligent and uses his mind instead of his strength and that this relates him to a true hero concept.

  5. A topic that requires explanation do you agree with some people that think Odysseus is not heroic due to his assistance from Athene. Express your opinion supported by two arguments from the poem.

  6. What other stories of the same prototype as The Odyssey and The Odyssey have in common? Discuss similarities of this poem and the rest of the class. Set events and characters next to each other to make a connection.

Some other variations of expository essay are

  • Compare and contrast paper
  • Cause and effect paper
  • Definition paper
  • Classification paper, etc.

No matter the topic, remember the basic concept of an essay and follow it entirely.