Picking Up 5th Grade Opinion Essay Topics Abut Bullfighting

The truth of the matter is that every essay can be termed as an opinion essay. When writing on a bullfighting topic, you will be required to give your opinion which should be backed up by facts. You may not be aware that what you are writing is an opinion piece but whenever you persuade, analyze or provide the information, you are giving an opinion.

  • Choose a topic
  • If you are required to write an opinion essay on bull fighting, your first step will be to choose a topic. Ensure that you choose something that you love. When you choose a topic that you care little about, it will show in your essay. A good example of a topic that you can choose on bullfighting is “Bullfighting: Does it have a place in the 21st century?”

  • Take an individual stance
  • The moment you choose this topic, the next step will be to take a stance on it. Avoid been wishy-washy as this will make your essay dull. If it is not possible for you to take a stance and prove your opinion on a subject, you have no business writing about that subject. Remember that the goal of an opinion essay is for you to express your viewpoint. For a 5th grade student, you cannot expect them to write on complex topics or express an active point of view. What you will need to do is to create a topic that is within their scope of knowledge.

  • Conversational style works well
  • After choosing the right topic, all that they will need to do is to write on it and express their opinion. It is hard for kids to sit down and research before expressing their stance because they are too young to understand the concept as well as the gravity of the matter. To choose an opinion essay topic you can begin with having a conversation with the kid. Find out what the kid knows about bull fighting. Find out their stance on the issue and ask them to write the opinion essay.

  • Indication of pros and cons
  • For a bull fighting topic, there are many pros and cons that you can highlight in your essay. For instance, Bull fighting is an already entrenched culture in the Spain. Taking it away is like taking football from Brazil or Rugby from England. Banning it may cause many people to be agitated. On the hand, bull fighting can be seen as form of cruelty to animals. There are animals that end up dying during the fights. Help the 5th grade student to understand both sides and to see which side he will support.