Ideas For Writing: Sample Synthesis Essay Questions

A synthesis essay is unique in that it requires you to write persuasively using facts or information that is already provided. The information or sources are used to support your argument as opposed to a scenario where you generate own ideas. The basic idea is to use the information or sources provided to make your case. Here is a guide on synthesis writing.

  • Introduction
  • Open the essay with a hook that entices the reader to go through the entire paper. Use the introduction of highlight and clarify the issues raised in the facts provided. Ensure that the thesis statement is clear and direct.

  • Body Paragraphs
  • Create a topic sentence that gives the strongest support to your position. The reason or supporting fact must be picked from the facts provided. The body paragraphs should be used to provide the clearest and strongest explanations. Provide quotations from the sources given, though you are allowed to seek support from other sources to strengthen your arguments. Ensure that all sources used in the body paragraphs are documented. Give a clear indication of what the supporting evidence means in relation to your thesis statement.

  • Conclusion
  • Bind all arguments and ideas into a conclusion that is simple and easy to understand. The conclusion should be thoughtful and philosophical. It must indicate your input in the field or topic you were exploring.

I have found this site that offers excellent sample questions. Here are some of the questions you might consider for your synthesis essay.

  1. Obesity is a personal issue and not caused by the types of foods eaten

  2. Racial profiling is the greatest threat to patriotism. Discuss this in light of the latest shootings by law enforcement officers

  3. It is impossible to completely eliminate war from the world

  4. The decision to buy is guided by advertisements and not by desire for quality

  5. There should be mandatory community service to instill a sense of social responsibility

  6. Refugees fleeing war torn countries should be assisted in their home countries other than being assimilated into other countries

  7. There is no prove yet that global warming can be reversed

  8. Gender roles are social constructs and should not be issues of public debate

  9. Euthanasia should be allowed since the same doctors lack a solution

  10. Abortion does not affect the society and must thus remain a personal issue

  11. Boxing is an inhuman sport and should thus be abolished

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