General Tips On How To Write An Essay Title In A Paper

Do you ever find yourself glad to have finished the hard part of writing an essay only to find yourself struggling to come up with a good title? You’ve heard several ideas from coming up with something witty or funny to plainly describing what your essay is about. You’re not alone with this kind of struggle. Many students have trouble coming up with something they find satisfying and often go through several steps before finally settling on something because they have run out of time. Here are some general tips on how to write a title for your paper:

Tip #1: Understand the Purpose of the Title

Students often forget the purpose of a title. It is a powerful tool that captures the attention of the reader. A generic title like “Essay Assignment #1” or “An Argument on Shakespeare” is a missed opportunity to getting things off on the right track. A great title will predict content, catches the attention of the reader, hints at the tone of the written piece, and usually contains keywords that will make finding the essay in a database easier.

Tip #2: Go Through the Entire Process

One of the things that students don’t realize is that crafting a great title is similar to crafting any other part of their assignments, and it is essentially a process to do so. It usually won’t appear to you in a single magic moment. You’re going to have to brainstorm different ones and revise each one so that you have a final edited piece that doesn’t waste a single word.

Tip #3: Get Ideas from the Written Content

Now that you understand that coming up with a good title should be thought of as a process, it’s a good idea to brainstorm a few ideas. There are several strategies you should consider, including:

  • Using a question that begins with “Who, What, Where, When or How.”

  • Using a sentence from your first draft that didn’t make it to your revised final draft but can serve as a great title.

  • Pick an image or metaphor you may have employed in your essay and use that as your title.

Try some of these tips out a couple of times and you will eventually find it much easier to write a great title in a matter of a few minutes. If you think you need more strategies you might want to try this company for more tips on how to write an effective title or get assistance on any other aspect of composing a great essay.