Helpful Hints For Writing A Funny Essay About Family Members

Humor is an important aspect in our daily lives. It makes us laugh and through that, we interact with other members of the society. The reader also wants to wear a smile when reading through your content. Consider the following:

  • Engage reader
  • As a writer, you should engage your readers by shifting their mind to something much unexpected. This makes them become keener and in the process they will always laugh as they will have their mind completely drowned in your work. For instance, you can talk about a certain issue and suddenly change the situation to match it with something quite different. Do not forget to use simple vocabulary that is easy to apprehend.

  • Make use of funny comparisons
  • Use of metaphors is a great tool in creating humor. Here, you compare the situation to something very unusual such that the readers find themselves smiling in the course of their reading. When you notice that your audience is smiling, you can quickly conclude that they are keener and paying maximum attention. In general, match the character with something that everyone knows of its funny side.

  • Pose rhetorical questions
  • These types of questions are very key in drawing in the mind of the reader. After you have created a joke about a certain family member, you can ask a question that does not necessarily require a response. To determine whether your readers are involved, you will find them trying to answer these questions and if they relate to something funny, they will elicit a laughter.

  • Talk of positive things
  • People tend to tolerate more positively inclined jokes than those that talk about the dark side of a given family member. Try to avoid the negative side of someone as much as possible. This will convince the reader that you are only writing and you do not have personal issues with the character. Nonetheless, of you must talk of the downsides, then you can illustrate them in a joking way that after realizing, the reader will try to laugh rather than to react negatively.

  • Employ short phrases and sentences
  • Humor goes hand in hand with short sentences. This is because lengthy sentences are mind numbing and no individual would be comfortable in reading them. If you want to incorporate such sentences, make sure that you mix them together with short sentences. Do not employ purely short or long sentences. You might have read related information somewhere else but for the case of expatiation, here is another website.