A List Of 12 Strong Opinion Essay Topics You Should Consider

There are a few things that we feel very strongly for. However, we hardly get a chance to vent our opinions. Thankfully, we can do so in academics through the wonderful intervention of essays.

Here are 12 strong opinion essay topics you may consider –

  1. Should rapists be lynched or sent to jail – This is an extremely emotional topic. We understand that modern world likes to give every brand of criminal a chance to justify himself. However, jailing these fellows gives them a clear chance to get out on bail, making use of a legal loophole somewhere.

  2. Should not all countries take a uniform step towards energy consciousness – Some countries are mooting to go partially off-the-grid, some wholly off-the-grid and some are quite happy with the present scenario. Is this going to work?

  3. Should we be sympathetic towards bullies – It is known that the tendency bully erupts out of a tattered childhood, even child abuse. In this light, sympathy or at least empathy beckons!

  4. Should immigrants be convicted for spreading racism – This is a two-edged question. Immigrants can argue that they are the victims of racism; not its spreaders. Yet, the topic is a strong one.

  5. Should women be objectified in movies – It is preposterous to talk of women’s equality and yet treat them to male gaze through objectification in movies. Surely, ladies may take to this topic with greater zeal.

  6. Is teenage sex so big a stick in the craw – We have to accept the trend that the world is evolving and kids are rising to the demands of sex from pretty early. Pretty hard to stop the falling boat!

  7. Should homework be banned – They should at least be regulated and kept to a space where they don’t hamper students’ family time or preparation time.

  8. The rise of education technology – Is it not handicapping sharp brains who somehow are not computer-savvy? This is a big question.

  9. Should capital punishment be banned – There is a universal feeling that barring terrorism cases, criminals should not be given death penalty.

  10. Are nuclear families the biggest obstacle to the feeling of unity – We have to ask ourselves this question. Are we as unified in spirit as the people who lived 50 years ago?

  11. Is 3D printing the way to go – If all goes well, we many even be able to prepare food through the virtual mat in future.

  12. Should steroids be banned – By banning steroids, we are not letting bodybuilders and athletes prepare with as much gusto as they are wont to.