A Collection Of Fun Informative Essay Topics

An informative style essay will tell all about the selected subject. It is an easier style for young writers to master. Sometimes the teacher will give you the paper subject and other times you will get to select your own idea. Use our list when you get to pick your own.

A Collection of Fun Informative Essay Topics

  • What it means to go 100% green, most people will be surprised at what this entails
  • Pick a presidential candidate and highlight his or her platform
  • How to change a tire or how to change the oil in a car
  • Describe your favorite vacation spot making sure to include the best
  • restaurants, fun things to do, the location, the cost, and the best places to stay
  • All about your favorite sports player, your favorite singer, your favorite book, or your favorite movie
  • Your favorite holiday tradition and its origins
  • The Olympics, what events, traditions, and locations are involved
  • Your favorite meal and if it is served at a restaurant, then go ahead and describe the restaurant and give the location
  • Your favorite holiday such as Halloween or Thanksgiving, tell why
  • Your favorite college, college football team, or college subject
  • The best car on the market and why
  • The best jobs, the duties and description of that job, the best cities for that job, and the salary for that job
  • A piece on an electronic such as a cell phone

Once you select your subject, you will want to create the main points you will be discussing. Then you will create a thesis statement from these points. An example might be: My favorite vacation is Las Vegas because of the great food choices, entertainment, and family friendly atmosphere.

After you construct the thesis statement, you will then make your detailed and thorough outline. The outline needs to be completed carefully and accurately. Put the time in the pre-writing steps in order to make the actual writing go smoothly. You may find you have changes during this phase, and this is quite acceptable. In fact, you should be alarmed if there are no changes at all! Once finished with this step, make sure to proof and to edit the rough draft.

Once you have polished the rough draft, you can then begin to carefully write your final draft.