How To Come Up With A Successful Essay Title On Romeo And Juliet

The title of your essay is one of the most effective and helpful tools in your writing toolkit. This may seem hard to imagine, but if you think about it, the title is generally the first thing someone sees of your writing. It’s what captures their attention or leaves them feeling bored and uninterested. Which would you choose? Of course, you want a captivating title.

When writing about Romeo and Juliet, keep in mind there have already been so many things written about this Shakespearean play. You will have to come up with something new, original and unique. This may be a difficult but not impossible endeavor. Remember your essay title is not just a label. It shouldn’t be created absent mindedly. Make sure it’s specific and sparks interest. That’s your goal.

Purpose and functions of an essay title

  • It helps the reader predict what the content of the paper will be about
  • It catches the interest of the reader and states what your intentions are
  • It may be a reflection of the tone of the writing, or the slant you are taking on the topic
  • It should contain keywords which would facilitate a computer search so interested readers could access it online or by category

Slow down and take your time writing an effective title. This may mean you need to write 10 or 20 titles and then analyze them. Start eliminating ineffective or uninteresting ones. You may end up combining parts of several different titles to make the best one.

Creating your title

As you do your essay on the specific topic about Romeo and Juliet that you’ve chosen, think about what may be a good title idea. You can even take the outline you create and look through the main ideas to find one that would also be a good basis for the title. It’s not advised to use your claim or thesis statement as the title, but it should certainly be a variation of it.

Look at the title ideas you’ve come up with so far. As you read each one, stop for a moment and think. Ask yourself some questions. Does the title leave you wanting more? Is it intriguing? Does it tell the reader the direction you are taking? You should be able to answer yes to these questions. If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.