Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a fiction film created by author Conan Doyle and released in 2009. The film is based on characters of the same name. The film was produced by Joel Silver, Susan Downey, Dan Lin and Lionel Wigram and directed by Guy Ritchie. Jude Law and Robert Downey revealed Dr. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes respectively. In the film, Watson and Holmes are employed by an undisclosed society to thwart mysticism’s plan to increase the empire of British through supernatural ways.

The Serial Killer

Lord Blackwood is portrayed as a serial killer who has murderer five people. Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes race to save the life of a young girl from been murdered by Lord Blackwood who is believed to be after her life. They were able to save her life just in time before the police and the inspector Lestrade reached to make the arrest. After three months, Blackwood is sentenced to death. However, before he is hanged, Blackwood requested to see Holmes. It is during this time when Blackwood warned Holmes of three further deaths which were impending, and which would cause significant changes to the world. Holmes is visited by a professional thief, Irene Adler who requested him to look for a missing person, Reordan. After Irene left, Holmes inconspicuously follows he and he comes across meets with her covert employer who reveals to him that Reordan is the key to the plans of Blackwood.

After three days time, the Blackwood’s grave is destroyed from outside and the body of Reordan found in Blackwood’s casket. The watchmen claimed that they saw Blackwood walking from the grave. Watson and Holmes through series of clues managed to find the house of Reordan. It is here where they found an experiment attempting to amalgamate magic with science. Sir Thomas together with another senior member of the society is as well murdered through suspicious means which allows Blackwood to take control.

The Fall of Blackwood’s Plan

When Holmes found out that he is wanted by the police, he goes into hiding where he studies the rituals of Blackwood whereby he discovered that the next target was British parliament. Holmes then convinced lord coward to reveal that Reordan’s plan was to destroy the British parliament and join up with Watson and Adler. The three sneaked into sewer beneath the parliament where they found a machine based on the experiments of Reordan, which was to be used to release cyanide derivative into the chambers of parliament. They overcome the Blackwood’s men and retrieved the cyanide from the machine. This was the fall of the Blackwood plans. As a result Blackwood hanged himself.