Some Do's And Don'ts Of Writing An Essay On Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a Gothic novel written in the 19th century. Students usually study it in high school. Instructors often assign writing essays related to the plot, setting, tone, style, and characters of that piece of writing. They can often come up with other themes, but they should get them approved. Either way, it is a good idea to learn what important do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind to compose a strong assignment.

How to Write Your Assignment: Vital Do’s

The following suggestions will help you get started and complete your work without effort:

  1. Consider focusing your paper on significant statements on redemption, religion, and the role of women in Victorian England.
  2. Compare Jane Eyre to other pieces of writing. You can ask your instructor which novel is better to pick for such a comparison.
  3. Find a list of sample questions on Jane Eyre to answer in your work and select one of them.
  4. Use the text of the novel to support your position by including the quotations, providing important facts, and making conclusions based on the character’s behavior.
  5. Get a few critical novel’s reviews written in different times, study them carefully, and discuss the provided claims in your essay.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Work: Important Don’ts

No matter, whether you are an experienced writer or not, you should learn the tips that will allow you to improve the quality of your essay. Some easy don’ts to avoid include:

  1. Start working on your assignment late. You should not waste your time, read the novel from cover to cover, and think about the most interesting ideas presented there.
  2. Write about a broad topic. It is impossible to compose a winning paper on a broad topic, so you should ensure that you will be able to reveal a chosen topic in the scope of the assignment.
  3. Select a topic idea that you are not interested in. Do not try to impress your professor writing about the idea of feminism in the novel if you are not truly passionate about that topic or else your paper would be boring.
  4. Submit your rough draft. Usually, students have to write three drafts to make their essays flow. If you submit your first draft, you risk to get a low grade, so take your time to edit it and proofread carefully.
  5. Format your assignment in a perfunctory manner. You should follow the formatting assigned by your instructor or else you may fail to submit your paper.