10 Effective Tips For Writing An Evaluation Essay

There are many types of essay’s out there, and an evaluation essay is one of the most easiest. The porpoise of this essay, is to basically ( like the name suggests it ) evaluate a certain topic based on a certain set of criteria. These are a few things you should keep in mind though, you have to be patient in order to be able to this properly. You might be able to finish it fast, but trust me, it will not come out as good as it should. Here are a few things you should keep in your mind when you are writing an essay like this:

  1. Introduction. Well first of all, make a small introduction to make the reader understand what he is about to read.

  2. The topic. You have to think about what you will evaluate. Choose a topic that you like, your whole essay will evolve around this main idea, and what you present about it, so make sure that you choose a topic that will suit your style.

  3. Research. Now that you have chosen the topic, it’s time to research a little bit. There are multiple aspects you should take into consideration ( depending on the topic ) so make sure that you gather enough info about every aspect.

  4. Judgment. Well now that you have done all of the above, it’s time to put your judgment to good use. Try to see different perspectives about this one topic, and come up with a general idea about it.

  5. Background. This is something you should do before you actually start presenting your main idea and the criteria it was based on. Give some general information about it.

  6. Criteria. Now that you have started thinking about the topic, choose a set of criteria you want to use in order to be able to have a relatively fair judgment.

  7. Personal opinion. This is a byproduct of the last part. After you have done thinking about the topic, you will be able to think about your overall opinion, your main idea, that will state your thought about every aspect in a general manner ( there is time for details later on ).

  8. Evidence. Well this is the most important part, and the title says it all. Give evidence to support what you have said so far.

  9. Style. This is something you should take into consideration, the style you want to write this in. It should be pretty formal.

  10. Time. This is a big part of everything, and an essay is no different. Try to organize yourself so you can do things properly but in time as well.