A List Of Twelve Humorous Essay Titles For Year 8

Writing an essay can be difficult for both teachers and students. This is especially the case for year 8 students who are required to create a high quality paper. One of the most difficult parts of writing an essay is to choose an appropriate topic. It can even get harder where the student is required to choose a humorous one. Here are some great topics that will help to make the process easier.

  1. Are professional athletes and actors paid too much?
  2. Zoos are at times considered to be a necessary alternative to the natural environment. Discuss the arguments for or against having animals in zoos.
  3. Imagine that your teacher is introducing a new topic. The class is supposed to give suggestions to enable the teacher to make a choice. Give a good topic that you think your class should give. Write a paper to support your choice of the topic and convince other students to choose that topic.
  4. Should teachers wear uniform or have a dress code?
  5. Should girls and boys be put in the same class?
  6. Should animals be used in scientific research?
  7. Since nuclear weapons were invented, the western world has experienced a period of relative peace. Do you think nuclear weapons have acted as ambassadors of peace or are they killing devices?
  8. How effective is the death penalty?
  9. Should animals be used in scientific studies?
  10. Do you think that students in class 8 should be allowed to have girlfriends?
  11. Assume that you went to school one day only to find that all the rules and regulations have been scrapped. Students have been given permission to do whatever they would like to. How do you think your school would look like?
  12. Should computer notebooks replace student’ textbooks?
  13. Do you think that wealthy nations should be allowed to share their wealth with the poor nations?
  14. Should countries use money to explore space when there are millions of children in the world who are going without food?
  15. Do you think that fashion is important?
  16. Should school uniforms be abolished?
  17. There are many high level jobs that are being held by men. Should countries change their constitution to reserve some of these jobs for women?
  18. If you had the opportunity to interview someone of your dream, who would you choose and why?

With these topics, you will be able to write a top essay.