Creating A Good College Essay Title About The Effects Of Wars

One of the key points to remember when creating your title is that it is a one sentence summary of your entire paper. It should give just enough information to reflect what the essay will be about, yet not so much that it’s a long and cumbersome title.

The best way to handle getting a great title for your essay is to go through a list of questions. As you ask yourself these questions, think about or write down the answers. They will help lead you to a great title idea.

First of all, you know your essay is about the effects of wars. However, you wouldn’t want to use that as the title because there is no catchy phrase in it, nothing to really spark the reader’s attention. These are essential components to an effective title.

  1. Ask yourself the following questions

    • What is my essay all about?

    • Were there specific techniques or research strategies used?

    • What was studied?

    • What were the results of the study?

  2. Use the answers to your questions to pull out some key words that are descriptors for your essay. Some of these keywords can be used in your title.

  3. Start creating some sentences based on the answers to question 1 or the keywords in question 2. Form several different statements and see how well they describe your essay about the effects of wars.

  4. Look over the sentences you created in the last step and choose the one you think is the best fit. Go over the wording and delete and repetitive words or clarify anything that seems unclear.

  5. Try rewording your title by switching the order of clauses or re-arranging the phrases. Which one sounds the best? Does your title need a subtitle to add clarity or detail? If so, choose one of the second-best statements from step 3 and craft a subtitle. It should be shorter than the title and be connected to the main idea in the title so it doesn’t seem like an unnecessary add-on.

Remember the main points of a great title: it should condense the paper’s main content into a few words, it should capture the attention of the reader and make them want to read more, and it should differentiate your essay from others that are in the same subject as yours. Keep it simple yet detailed enough to convey a message.