Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble is a renowned astronomer. During his life and especially when he worked at Mount Wilson Observatory, he made significant contributions to the world of physics and astronomy. One of his major contributions was the research that showed that the universe expands. Edwin was born to his father John Powell and mother Virginia Lee on 20th November the year 1889. When he was still at a very young age, Edwin was very interested in the science fiction books. Edwin was all round. He was good in his education and also good in sports. When in high school, he was actively involved in sports. He managed to break a set record in high jump.

His career

Due to his excellence in sports, he was given the scholarship to study astronomy at the University of Chicago. While there he did not let go his passion for games. He was good in track and field events. He was also a good player in basketball. He was a multi-talented student. He once played a boxing championship match that left many groups looking for his signature to train him to fight in the world heavyweight games. All this time he did not forget his studies and he graduated in 1910. He then enrolled for a law course at the University of Oxford. After that he went to his hometown and taught physics for a short time. He then returned to learn more about astronomy but before he could finish his course, he had to finish his course hurriedly because and goes to war. In the army, he rose through the ranks and by the time the war was over he was a major. Immediately after World War One, he joined the Mount Wilson Observatory. He and other astronauts were involved in the construction of the Wilson Telescope. He later used this telescope to prove that there were other galaxies that existed outside the Milky Way; that of the earth.

His Legacy and Death

Edwin did great works in showing that other galaxies existed. This shed considerable light towards determining the actual size of the universe. He made a classification of galaxies that proved very helpful to astronauts that came after him. At the age of sixty-three, Edwin suffered a stroke. The cause of the stroke was deduced to be cerebral thrombosis. While he died on 28th September 1953, he still conducted research on astronomy.