How To Write Business Essays – A Comprehensive Tutorial

Business essays do not differ from any other type of essay - the only differences are some finishing touches, such as tables and diagrams that you will have to add. You will have to prepare well and work hard, but if you have a great title and interesting structure, you will have no problems.

  • Come up with a great topic
  • Even for people who are interested in finance and economy, writing a business essay can be pretty boring. If you don’t come up with a great topic that many want to read, no matter what their preferences are, you will get a bad grade. Imagine that you are an ordinary person and think what would be a subject worth reading, and this way you can come up with a great topic for your essay.

  • Write down your ideas
  • If you want your essay to be well written you have to prepare yourself before you start writing. You should sit down and write some of the main ideas you want to go through. Imagine how that problem affects your live and think of a set of solutions. Write down even the ideas you don’t really like, because those might inspire you to think of something unique.

  • Catch your main idea
  • If you want to write a powerful essay, you have to be sure what message you are trying to send. If you doubt your main thesis of the essay, it will show in your writing and your professor will notice it too. Try to question your idea, and think of all the problems your idea carries. If you can answer your entire question, it means you are sure that you gave the best answer you can to the dilemma at hand.

  • Start writing
  • Once you have solved all your major dilemmas, it is time to start writing down your thoughts. The trick is to start writing the conclusion first, and the introduction. The gap between, or the body of the essay, will be the easiest part to finish. Once you have finished writing, make sure you proofread and edit your text, because even the smallest mistake can lower your grade.

  • Finishing touches
  • For an economics an essay, it is very important to have extras, which will illustrate and further explain some of the main ideas you are portraying. This will take some time, but it will be a valuable tool to make your topic more interesting and accessible to readers. IF you are not good with making images and tables, ask a friend to help you out.