Selection Of 15 Interesting Topic Ideas For Your Extended Essay

Extended essay as the name suggests takes time to compose and cannot be finished overnight. These are the lengthy ones. They have to be discussed in details and should have enough material to be written. You can write the one based on any historic topic or on any current affair. Never, pick any topic randomly as they won’t work.

Check out the list of extended topics-

  1. What were the major causes of collapse of Soviet Union? Can such situation have been prevented?
  2. How important is the role of a costume in deciding the inner life of any character?
  3. What is the level of compression of music files that an average human ear can bear? What are the consequences if the compression level exceeds beyond its limit? How such situations can be dealt with?
  4. Conduct a study on malnourished children in any under-developed country. What is the extent of their recovery when they are kept under supervision? Discuss the scenario in context of their diet, nearby surrounding, awareness level, role of government or non- organizations, etc.
  5. How fall in the exchange rate of United States dollar affects the tourist industry in California in the US. How USD exchange rate fall affects the tourism industry in Florida? Compare the two states in terms of revenue.
  6. How safe sugar- free chewing gum is? What are its effects on the Ph level of saliva in an individual’s mouth after the meal?
  7. Write the after effects of Treaty of Versailles held in 1919?
  8. What all explanations were given after the Cuban missile crises took place in early 1960s?
  9. How the course of World War II took a turn? What was the role of Japan? How Pearl Harbor was chosen for attack?
  10. A deal took place between Stalin and Hitler. What were the consequences of that pact? Why it is called as the Devil’s alliance?
  11. What are the consequences of sulphur dioxide on ozone levels? How it is accountable for growth of lichens?
  12. How antibacterial agents control the growth of E- Coli? Do commercially available antibacterial agents are more effective than the naturally available ones? Why?
  13. How common salt solution affects the ratio of gases released at the time of electrolysis process? How the concentrated level of common salt positively or negatively affects the solution?
  14. How tea- brewing time affects amount of caffeine in the tea?
  15. Discuss the electromagnetic lamps and its energy efficiency.