Practical Advice On How To Format A 500-Word Essay Properly

Writing a 500 word essay is not difficult. All you need to do is to follow the right format of writing keeping the content meaningful and comply by the word limit.

Go through the below stated tips to make your writing process easy and influential.

What 500 word essay comprises of?

A 500 words topic is the most common form of paper given to students. Such papers usually revolve around the vivid expression of some place, object or event. While writing try to form associations with other objects events and places and broaden your area of imagination.

  • What sources you should refer: The reference sources are unlimited. You can go through various resources available in market, borrow books from your peers, look for the material on web or ask your siblings or teacher for hints. Apart from that you can also go through magazines, journals, newspaper articles etc.

  • Introduce your topic: Spend some time on this section. Make it interesting. If the beginning sounds monotonous, your paper will not be read. Make a fantastic beginning. If you have mind-blowing facts, figures or factual information, that’s great, otherwise you can begin by using some proverb. Usually broad topics are offered to students to make writing easy. This is the time you need to think for the subtopics and gradually make a transition to the body paragraph.

  • Body: This section should minimally compose of 3 paragraphs. If you can stimulate emotions in the reader, they will be encouraged to read further. Share as many incidences and examples. Each paragraph should come up with a different example.

  • Conclusion: Since this is a 500 word composition, your conclusion will be comprised of only 50-60 words at the most. Remember, this is summary of your entire writing. Do not use same words to end your writing, but be eloquent while expressing your thoughts. Whatever fresh point needs to be introduced should be either in introduction or body section but never in concluding statement.

  • Revise: Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and revise the essay from the audience perspective. Check for grammar and sentence structure. This is the time you should pay special attention to composition too.

  • Prepare first and second drafts: Remember, writing comes only by practice. Always prepare the first draft and then the second draft to write your composition. Without forming the outline, writing process cannot become smooth.

After you have followed all the rules genuinely, submit the writing to your teacher.