How To Create A Title Page For An Essay: 8 Great Tips

A title page is one of the most important parts of an essay as it highlights certain essential features. Since a thesis paper is usually administered by the professors of an institution and even by an external examiner, it is necessary to create an impression on the first hand. Generally, the heading must be neat and must reflect the student’s persona. It should be remembered that a cover page provides a professional edge to the overall essay, so one should be cautious from the very starting point of the heading of the paper. However, a student must remember the following points while writing a title page:


  • Since a cover page is created keeping in mind the impact it will have on the examiner, it should not be a chaotic one. A proper format must be followed.

  • If the heading is a long one, it should be separated by a semicolon. The caption must overall reflect the subject matter of the topic undertaken. It should be written in bold and in block letters.

  • Since it will be the first thing that will attract an instructor’s attention, spelling mistake should be taken care of. Space must be given in between two words that will mirror the neatness of the paper.

  • At the top of the cover page, one should write down the name of the university/institution/college with which one is enrolled. After that, the name must be put in.

  • Regarding the caption of the title page, a student should follow the instructions of the teacher as it may be equivocal how much information one must put on the cover page. Some would ask for more information, and some would love to keep it short.

  • At the bottom of the page, a student should clearly write down his/her name, allotted roll number if any and the name of the instructor.

  • It is best to print the title page on a computer in A4 sheet format.

  • Lastly, one should keep the instructor updated about what one is putting down in the heading.

Besides these eight essential tips, a student can search online where there are a number of websites providing tips on how to create a cover page for an essay. A student can also register for freelance help for writing the essay. It is one of the easiest ways to handle the subject a student is covering as he/she won’t have to devote longer time to think about the title page and can concentrate wholeheartedly on writing the rest of the paper.